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Hearts Like Mine Don’t Love… They Destroy

I keep a tight lid on my emotions, so when my dream job got ripped away from me, I vowed I wouldn’t look back. But the deaths of those innocent souls haunt me, every single day.

I’m broken.

Broken over a mission gone horribly wrong. Broken when the truth got buried under a mountain of lies.

Now, I’m angry… scorched-earth angry.

Offered a chance to unleash my rage, I accept the job without hesitation.
Lone-wolf assassin.
But no matter how many monsters I take out, I can’t escape the damning memories.

Then, I’m forced to partner with the person who took me down.
Turns out, that mission broke her too.
Too bad she can’t stand me. I used to make her purr like a kitten.

Being around her breathes life into my tormented soul. She’s fiery and strong-willed, brilliant and beautiful. And she hates me almost as much as I hate myself. At least, that’s what she wants me to believe. I see the way she looks at me, how my touch turns her inside out.

When the unthinkable happens, I step up and do the right thing.
That means, no more flying solo.
It’s time to confront my past, man-up in the present, and ensure she’s the most important part of my future.

Without her… I’m just another broken man.

BROKEN can be read as a standalone, but Stoni recommends reading DAMAGED, VENGEANCE, SAVAGE and WRECKED first since characters repeat across stories.

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