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I’m Jett St. John, A-list actor and infamous Hollywood bad boy.

I’m in high demand with the ladies.
And I always get what I want.

Until I hit rock bottom. Big, ugly crash and burn.

Now, no director will work with me.

I’m labeled DIFFICULT. Yeah, in all caps.

In order to resurrect my movie-star status, I gotta make changes.

Starting with an image consultant.

It’s BS, I know, but it’s part of a deal I made to turn my life around.

Cassidy is frigid, rigid, and super serious.

Sure, she’s a total babe, but she’s not into me…at all.

There’s no batting of her eyelashes, no flush to her cheeks.

She’s all work and no play.

I call her The Ice Queen…until she starts to melt.

Then, I call her mine.

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